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Searching for the best candles your money can buy?

Check out - a site dedicated to candle consumers. We are candle lovers obsessed wtih finding the very best candle brands anywhere and everywhere from top-big candle companies to small mom and pop shops across the country.

There are sooooo many great candles and companies out there just waiting to be discovered. A great starting point: home page - where you can see the latest reviews posted as well as any candle news or exclusive sales just for Candlefind readers.

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A great starting point on Candlefind. Here we post the latest candle reviews, candle company announcements and the latest candle sales.  - visit Candlefind's home page

Best Scented Candles

With so many candle companies to choose from, it's not easy finding the best candles out there. Our best scented candles list are tried and true companies we order from regularly and love. Each company is high recommended. We list our picks in many different categories and our picks are listed by reviewer. Being obsessed with candles

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